Aug. 15, 2016


Aug 15 2015All of God is available to every person.  Nothing is ever withheld from a sincere seeker of Truth.  The Infinite Mind releases all of Its Ideas to every receptive consciousness.  I now receive ideas direct from God, and I assimilate them and express them.  These ideas are perfect and complete, revealing to me all that I need to know for this day.  My way is now easy, for I know what to do at every instant, and order does prevail.  I am inspired by God to do right and to live abundantly.  No more doubt, no more questioning.  I know exactly the way to go, the thought to think, and the love to express. Continue reading “Aug. 15, 2016”

Aug. 14, 2016


Aug 14 2015All that is good is available to man.  God never limits Himself and God never limits man.  Man is consciousness in the One Mind, and all Ideas are given unto him.  I now choose to live with wisdom today, by selecting only true ideas to function in my mind.  No one governs my thinking but myself.  No one forces me to worry, or forces me to have faith.  Either of these is mine as I select.  I chose faith, for I know that I am maintained by the Power of the universe.  I have full confidence that my life is rich in goodness, and prospered by love.  My faith in God keeps my mind positive. Continue reading “Aug. 14, 2016”

Aug. 13, 2016


Aug 13 2015The universe remains forever in perfect balance.  No thought or creation of man can confuse the eternal heavens.  The perfect action of intelligence maintains Its creation in peace, order and harmony.  This is the true state of the world in which I live.  Around me in normal activity, and within me is a peace born of God.  As I know this, and accept this, I relax and let the Infinite Mind do Its perfect work through me.  Peaceful thoughts flow through my mind, and rest flows through my body. Continue reading “Aug. 13, 2016”

Aug. 12, 2016


Aug 12 2015The omnipotence of God forever surrounds and maintains man.  All power is instantly available, at every point in space and in every instant of time.  As man knows this, all fear is erased from his consciousness.  I join with all who know God as the only Power and Presence in their lives.  I have absolute faith in the goodness of life and the indestructibility of Spirit.  God in me is my resource, and nothing can harm me.  I know that I am the cause of my experience, and I erase fear from my mind, and evil cannot appear in my world.  Love attends me wherever I go.  Peace envelopes me at every moment, and God will never leave me comfortless. Continue reading “Aug. 12, 2016”

Aug. 11, 2016


Aug 11 2015God is Mind, and I exist in a universe of mind-action.  My thought and my feeling are now governed and controlled by the Spirit within me.  Gone are all my doubts and fears.  Gone are all my false conclusions about Life.  I know, and know that I know, that Life, Love and Wisdom are within me. Continue reading “Aug. 11, 2016”

Aug. 10, 2016



Aug 10 2015I have faith that God, the Good, is all there really is.  Always, I am supported by the action of Good, the action of God.  Problems are merely the acknowledgment of the power of evil.  I now refuse to believe that any situation can confuse me, make me sick, or limit me.  Either I live in God, or I live in nothing but material belief.  I now choose to live in God, and immediately I renounce every thought of negation.  I assume victory over my world, my body and my finances.  God in the midst of me is victorious over the doubts of my mind.  Joyous accomplishment saturates my life, and victory is mine now. Continue reading “Aug. 10, 2016”

Aug. 09, 2016



Aug 09 2015Free will does not mean that wrong thinking is justifiable.  Infinite Mind created man a free soul in order that man might experiment with varying combinations of right ideas.  I am free to think in all possible ways about the good, the true and the perfect.  There are endless possibilities of right thinking and of right action.  I now assume dominion of my mind and emotions, and dedicate them to positive goals.  I enjoy the infinite variety of Divine ideas, and I contemplate their possibilities of making me a new creature expressing spiritual discernment. Continue reading “Aug. 09, 2016”

Aug. 08, 2016


Aug 08 2015The Mind which conceived me is with me.  The Power which has brought me this far attends me all the way.  Heaven is where I am and Love fills my environment.  All power is in action through me and I accomplish my good works with ease.  I am as certain of these truths as I am of life itself.  There is no doubt or questions in my mind.  I know a perfect God, a complete Mind and a definite Law.  I do not go to It, for I am already in It.  I do not seek It, for I already have all that God is and can ever be. Continue reading “Aug. 08, 2016”

Aug. 07, 2016


Aug 07 2015The Truth is that which is really so, and God alone is Truth.  Too long have I accepted half-truth and false speculations of evil as being true, when only the real is permanent.  With my mind established in truth, I look at all my fears and see them as nothing.  I know that they have hampered me for too long a time, but now I am free, for I see them as they really are.  Never again will the old race ideas of age, lack and disease intrigue my mind and confuse my soul.  I am the free creation of Spirit, and I know the Truth of freedom. Continue reading “Aug. 07, 2016”

Aug. 06, 2016


Aug 06 2015Power is the capacity to imitate and demonstrate an idea.  What God has done on the scale of the universal, I can do in my own world.  When the God Mind initiates an Idea, a new good appears for man.  When I initiate a holy idea and carry it through to its logical conclusion, I am fulfilling my divine destiny.  Around me is the Power of Infinite Mind forever revealing new greatness of mind, ease and possibility.  I now attune myself to the true Source of ideas, and I execute them in my experience.  I have all the power I need, for mind alone is power, and mind thinks by means of me. Continue reading “Aug. 06, 2016”