June 29, 2016


Jun 29 2015“Good is positive.  Evil is merely privative, not absolute; it is like cold which is the privation of heat.  All evil is so much death or nonentity.  Benevolence is absolute and real.”  Emerson

I have free will as a part of my Divine Birthright.  This great power of mind is mine to use, and the Law of Mind must fulfill my direction.  I now declare my freedom from all evil.  I refuse to be dominated by illness, fear, lack and frustration.  God never made them, and I will have nothing to do with them. God in me knows only my perfect self, and this alone I recognize, affirm and accept.  Having the power to reject the undesirable, I now declare my freedom from evil.  Never again will negatives rule my thinking.  I am the perfect creation of a perfect God, and I know it. Continue reading “June 29, 2016”

June 28, 2016


Jun 28 2015“These facts have always suggested to man the sublime creed that the world is not the product of manifold power, but of one will, of one mind; and that one mind is everywhere active, in each ray of the star, in each wavelet of the pool; and whatever opposes that will is everywhere balked and baffled, because things are made so, and not otherwise.”  Emerson

God dominates my whole experience.  There is so much of God everywhere in my life, that I cannot see any opposite.  My health cannot know disease and my prosperity cannot know decrease.  I am completely convinced that God is the only power. Mind is the only reality and Love is the only atmosphere.  Evil is a word without meaning.  I perceive the Truth and the Truth has set me free from all false speculations.  Within me, around me and through me there is nothing but pure Mind.  I bask in Its eternal embrace; I think in Its eternal consciousness of good. Continue reading “June 28, 2016”

June 27, 2016


Jun 27 2015“There is One Mind, and all the powers and privileges which lie in any, lie in all; and I, as a man, may claim and appropriate whatever of true or fair or good or strong has anywhere been exhibited.”  Emerson

The universe is a spiritual system, and it gives to all men alike.  God in His creation knows neither great nor small.  It knows me only as an outlet of Its Ideas and Its Love.  To me is given all power in mind and in control of matter.  My authority is from on high, and the material thought of man cannot negate it. I stand in control of situations, I experience.  As my thinking determines my control of situations, I now assume my Divine Prerogative and think only of the things I desire.  No evil can withstand my determined spiritual mentation.  The gates of hell may open, but the windows of heaven shall still outpour me a blessing and triumph will always be mine. Continue reading “June 27, 2016”

June 26, 2016


Jun 26 2015“The genius of man is a continuation of the power that made him and that has not done making him.”   Emerson

I have faith in an unlimited God, my own unlimited possibility, and an unlimited world in which I function. I see all restriction as temporary negative experience which can be healed by my highest thought of God.  Today, I am determined to live as a free agent of an unlimited Mind that knows only my possibility and is not interested in my own wrong beliefs.  God wants me to express Him today.  God has not finished creating, and His Plan for me unfolds with certainly and with precision.  I let Mind be in me what It has planned to be, and my success is sure. Continue reading “June 26, 2016”

June 25, 2016


Jun 25 2015 (2)“Mind is the only reality of which men and all other natures are better or worse reflectors.”  Emerson

The natural state of all life is health.  Life is so organized that under normal circumstances It must be health.  Left to Its own devices the action of God in man maintains him in health.  Therefore, I let the Divine be in me what It planned to be, and my health is automatic.  I remove every mental and emotional obstruction to the already perfect Intelligence governing my body.  I am a spiritual being, operating through consciousness and experiencing body.  My body cannot make me ill, for Mind alone is cause.  I rejoice in my victory over disease. Continue reading “June 25, 2016”

June 24, 2016


Jun 24 2015“There is one mind common to all individual men.  Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same.  He that is once admitted to the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate.”  Emerson

If there is but one mind, then God must be that Mind, and therefore God must be my mind now.  The unity of creation is evidence of One Creative Cause, and the process of creation is indicative that this Cause is pure Intelligence in action.  The world in which I live is the mind of God made visible.  The body I wear is Intelligence clothing me with a vehicle of accomplishment.  The works of my consciousness, my hands and my efforts are the outlets through which I release the one Mind into form.  I now accept the responsibility of knowing myself as the Mind of God in action. Continue reading “June 24, 2016”

June 23, 2016




Jun 23 2015“Whenever a mind is simple and receives a divine wisdom, old things pass away, – means, teachers, texts, temples fall; it lives now, and absorbs past and future into the present hours.”    Emerson

Jesus was not interested in the logics of theology; He was primarily concerned with the Spirit in man.  I now turn to the Spirit within me, and find It in all Its greatness and all Its peace.  There is an interior Christ-Mind that baffles all reasoning, and is beyond all human explanation.  In me at this moment, God abides in fullness, in richness, in omniscience.  My life today is the Life of God.  My thinking this day is accomplished because the God-Mind thinks through me.  My capacity to be a great and loving person is because greatness born of the Spirit indwells me. Continue reading “June 23, 2016”

June 22, 2016


Jun 22 2015“As soon as every man is apprised of the Divine Presence within his own mind, – is apprised that the perfect law of duty corresponds with the laws of chemistry, vegetation, astronomy, as face to face in a glass; then we have a religion that exalts, that commands all the social and all the private action.”  Emerson

The world of today is my world, and the Cause of it I consider in today’s language.  I see my world as the operation of an Intelligence which must be Mind, a Power which must bear witness of Divine Love.  While I respect the beliefs of the past, yet I must seek my God today.  I can accept a perfect Mind, an unalterable Law and an interpenetration of Love.  This is understandable to me, and workable by me.  I believe myself to be of Divine Importance.  I believe that He who brought me forth indwells me and acts through me.  God in me is my reason for being. Continue reading “June 22, 2016”

June 21, 2016


Jun 21 2015“We cannot describe the natural history of the soul, but we know it is divine.  But this I know, that these wonderful qualities did not now begin to exist, cannot be sick with my sickness, nor buried in any grave; but that they circulate through the universe: before the world was, they were.”  Emerson

I accept myself as a healthy, whole person endowed with Divine life and the wisdom to maintain It in freedom of action.  I am unconvinced by all the reports of disease and their many classifications.  I condemn no one who believes them or experiences them, but I am certain that God is unaware of illness.  I have faith that the Intelligence which created my body will maintain it in perfect action, if I will cooperate.  In me the Spirit of Wholeness abides and remains untouched by the errors of body.  The Christ in me is never ill, and never depleted.  God in me is the same yesterday, today and forever. Continue reading “June 21, 2016”

June 20, 2016


Jun 20 2015“The life of man is a self-evolving circle, which from a ring imperceptibly small, rushes on all sides outward to new and larger circles, and without end.”  Emerson

I decide to grow in wisdom and in understanding.  I decide to give up the half-truth and base my whole life upon the one Truth which forever imparts Itself to me.  No more good and evil, no more right and wrong.  God alone is good and Truth alone is right. I refuse to stagnate at any intellectual level of knowledge, for all true wisdom comes from growth with understanding. What I now know is merely the doorstep to what I shall know.  Greater ideas of God come to me each moment, and these cause me to walk forward with consistent enlargement of consciousness.  I thank God that I can grow in His ways. Continue reading “June 20, 2016”