June 12, 2016



Jun 12 2015“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.  The way of life is wonderful; it is by abandonment.”  Emerson

The concept of my omnipresent God is too wonderful to keep to myself alone.  I spread my larger understanding of God abroad to all who will listen.  I am enthusiastic about Life as God in action.  Having given myself to the Infinite Presence, the Infinite Mind and the Infinite Love, I can shout from the housetops the value of this new way of life.  Gone are the fears, the terrors and the blasted hopes.  To me there has come the joyous abandonment to Him who knows what to do and how to do it.  I have never been so free, and never been as happy. Continue reading “June 12, 2016”

June 11, 2016


Jun 11 2015“Let me admonish you, first of all, to go alone; to refuse the good models, even those which are sacred in the imagination of men, and dare to love God without mediator or veil.”  Emerson

I love God, and I appreciate the Inspiration which His Mind is pouring into mine.  Without this inner source of refreshment, I would soon experience stagnation and failure.  With my keen knowledge of the Spirit I face only pathways of pleasant success and certain abundance.  Many may call me irreligious, but I do not care.  Dearer than all else is the knowledge that I am the Son of the Father and unto me He gives all of Himself in full measure.  Of this I am certain now and forevermore. Continue reading “June 11, 2016”

June 10, 2016


Jun 10 2015“People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.”  Emerson

There are no anchors in my world to fasten me to any one situation forever.  I accept the ever-changing, ever unfolding action of God in my experience.  I have faith that Life impels me into greater good for myself and for all who comprise my world.  I appreciate the past, but it cannot bind me to any person, place nor thing.  It is now a neutralized memory of good.  No more weeping for what might have been.  Today is the day of glory, and tomorrow is alive with the possibilities of creative self-expression. Continue reading “June 10, 2016”

June 09, 2016


Jun 09 2015“Yourself, a newborn bard of the Holy Ghost, cast behind you all conformity, and acquaint men at first hand with Deity.”  Emerson

I accept myself as the outlet of the Infinite.  I believe in my Divine origin, my persistent inspiration, and my destiny of good.  I know that God gives freely of Himself to all, and my share is great. In me the Divine is seeking to create new trains of causation, which will enrich me and increase the good of all who know me.  The power which spoke through Moses, Isaiah and Jesus is the power which acts through me.  I have within me all the creative powers of Spiritual Genius, and I accept them and use them this day.  What others have done in the past, I can do now, and even greater works can I do. Continue reading “June 09, 2016”

June 08, 2016


Jun 08 2015“The nameless Thought, the nameless Power, the super-personal Heart, – he shall repose alone on that.  He needs only his own verdict.  No good fame can help him; no bad fame can hurt him.”  Emerson

There is but one infinite Mind, and It indwells me this day as the source of all life, all knowledge and all possible good.  This Mind is also Love.  It is a complete unity of all that ever has been, ever will be.  I know myself as Its vehicle of operation, and It acts without hindrance through me.  Not to the outer world do I look for help, but to the inner Source I turn for the full supply of every need.  In this inner consciousness of security I am no longer impressed by material fears.  All manner of evil may appear to assail me in my hectic world, but the peace within bids me to believe it not. Continue reading “June 08, 2016”

June 07, 2016


Jun 07 2015“Instead of that reliance which the soul suggests, on the eternity of truth and duty, men are misled into a reliance on institutions, which the moment they cease to be the instantaneous creations of the devout sentiment are worthless.”    Emerson

I face my world with a courage born of my knowledge of God.  I am never alone, never deserted and never without aid.  My reliance is on Him who brought me forth to express His life divine.  Indwelling me, there is a center of Mind and Love, where Power awaits my recognition.  From this inner Christ I draw greatly on God.  The inexhaustible action of Divine Mind is the power of my thinking, and I have the courage to do all things.  Directed from within, I see the falsity of external authority.  God in the midst of me is my Power and my Deliverance from all that would beset me. Continue reading “June 07, 2016”

June 06, 2016


Jun 06 2015“The purpose of life seems to be to acquaint a man with himself.  He is not to live in the future as described to him, but to live in the real future by living to the real present. The highest revelation is that God is in every man.”  Emerson

All Mind operates at a center within me.  All Love seeks an outlet through me.  God’s action in me is my own real Self, and to It I now devote my attention. I know myself as God knows me, and all disbelief is erased from my consciousness.  Contemplating myself as a spiritual being, I realize the vast possibilities before me.  I am unconditioned by the world, for I am Mind in action.  I now become the person I have always hoped to be.  Finding the Spirit within me, I change all my opinions of myself.  No more self-limitation, no more self-condemnation.  Today, I am God’s creation and as such I move forward in life. Continue reading “June 06, 2016”

June 05, 2016


Jun 05 2015“A man contains all that is needful to his government within himself.  He is made a law unto himself.  All real good or evil that can befall him must be from himself.”  Emerson

I stand in a universe which responds to me.  My world being a subconscious intelligence must respond to my conscious thought, act upon it, and produce what I decree.  It has no power to resist me, and no way of not doing what I direct.  I act upon the One Mind and the world of form reacts to me in direct response.  My word is power.  My thought is a direction to the universal power and presence.  My active treatment is a command to the subconscious to produce what I want.  Knowing what I really want, I now speak with authority to my own mind, and the sum-total powers of the universe produce my command in form.  This is my power and my authority as a Son of God. Continue reading “June 05, 2016”

June 04, 2016


Jun 04 2015“Religion in the mind is not credulity, and in practice is not form.  It is a life.  It is the order and soundness of a man.  It is not something else to be got, to be added, but is a new life of those faculties you have.  It is to do right.”  Emerson

The world would have me tarry in the old, the traditional and the past.  But, the Infinite urges me forward, bidding me to keep pace with the fresh ideas emerging from the Divine Mind.  The truth is ever new to me.  Today’s inspiration is God’s action urging me to do a creative work.  Within me now is the order and soundness of God’s man.  I need add nothing more to my wisdom, for His Mind is mine, and I now produce good works.  I practice my knowledge of God.  I give factual evidence of my faith.  Whoever sees me this day sees the Spirit at work through me.  I do the right and loving thing. Continue reading “June 04, 2016”

June 03, 2016


Jun 03 2015“Teach men that each generation begins the world afresh, in perfect freedom; that the present is not the prisoner of the past, but that today holds captive all the yesterdays, to judge, to accept, to reject their teachings, as they are shown by its own morning sun.”  Emerson

The Infinite Mind being eternal is not concerned with past, present nor future.  It knows me as a timeless being.  It offers to me all that It is, and never frowns at my lack of acceptance.  In a timeless God I allow my human thinking to become aged by experience, and then my complaints are many, and my excuses are profuse.  I use the past to explain the limitations of the present, and I fail to realize that only my acceptance of the past gives it power.  I now free my thinking from all past patterns and step forth this day as a new creature in Christ.  Too long have my alibis ensnared me.  They are as nothing when I declare the Truth. Continue reading “June 03, 2016”