Aug. 23, 2016


Aug 23 2015The image and likeness of God must be a perfect expression of Spirit, and I am that expression now.  Therefore, I use my body with wisdom, but I am not limited by it.  It is effect and not cause.  God’s true knowledge of me is that I am a spiritual being using body as a vehicle.  The Spirit within me is now in full control of my body.  It renews it, repairs it, and glorifies it.  My body responds to these spiritual ministrations, and is radiant with health and vitality. Continue reading “Aug. 23, 2016”

Aug. 22, 2016


Aug 22 2015Omnipresence surrounds me, and Omniscience is mine.  Never for an instant does God separate Himself from his creation.  Always there is an abiding Presence and a beneficent Power.  I am forever established in my good, for wherever I am, there is the Law to produce it.  I am never forsaken and never alone.  As I turn in thought to God all love appears in my heart, and all peace acts in my mind. People unconsciously respond to the Christ within me and share their good with me.  I have Divine Protection all through the day and night. Continue reading “Aug. 22, 2016”

Aug. 21, 2016


Aug 21 2015The word light, as used in the Bible, is the symbol of spiritual illumination.  It is the inner capacity in men to perceive a Divine idea and to assimilate it into his consciousness.  Any idea assimilated into consciousness must then express in man’s experience.  I now claim that the Light of Truth is mine.  I am aglow with divine possibilities.  My mind is open to the influx of spiritual ideas, and I rejoice as they enter my mind and are assimilated into my consciousness.  I know that my world is filled with light, for there is only light within me to shine forth in it. Continue reading “Aug. 21, 2016”

Aug. 20, 2016


Aug 20 2015God looks out upon His universe and declares it to be good.  The eyes of the Lord are never dimmed.  Perfect sight is my inheritance, and I see all things clearly, easily and normally. Through my eyes the Light of the world enters my consciousness bringing me beauty and glory.  I have spiritual vision in my consciousness, and perfect sight in my eyes.  There is nothing to distort God’s eternal beauty, for I look at it and see it as it really is.  All creation is harmonious and in right proportion.  My eyes see the harmony and balance of heaven in every scene.  Looking for good in my world is easy, for God is everywhere, and His Intelligence reveals Itself on my pathway. Continue reading “Aug. 20, 2016”

Aug. 19, 2016


Aug 19 2015God is never limited by His creation.  Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniaction are the eternal processes of Spirit.  An Unlimited God could only create an unlimited man, and I am that man now.  My only foes are those of my own mentality.  The universe is for me, and it wants me to succeed.  I now assume my rightful place in God’s universe and move forward to my own success in life.  There are no limits placed upon me by the Divine Mind, and I now free myself of my own limited thinking.  I refuse to accept boundaries of success for all of God is before me, and His Intelligence acts through me. Continue reading “Aug. 19, 2016”

Aug. 18, 2016


Aug 18 2015The future is bright with promise, but only in this day can the Infinite Spirit reveal Itself to man.  God at this moment is the reality of this moment.  I have faith in the future, but I must act wisely in the present.  My right and loving action in this day is my spiritual insurance for tomorrow.  God is forever the same; so all of God is where I am and is now available to me.  I start bringing to pass my hopes of the future by acting upon them today.  God’s Idea of me includes my success right now.  If God does not procrastinate, then I shall no longer do so.  My demonstrations of Truth are now taking place, and I rejoice in their appearance. Continue reading “Aug. 18, 2016”

Aug. 17, 2016



Aug 17 2015God is unconditioned by time, space or belief.  As the perfect expression of this Infinite Mind, I am not under the laws of time, space and belief.  The instantaneous action of Mind produces immediate demonstrations in my experience.  No longer do I wait for my good.  No longer do I hope, trust and expect.  I am now established in instant results. Continue reading “Aug. 17, 2016”

Aug. 16, 2016


Aug 16 2015Infinite Mind is forever in action, producing good.  This action is the activity of man. I now realize that I am an outlet for the perfect action of a perfect God.  Therefore, my yoke is easy and my burden is light, for God does the work.  I am a center in the Divine Mind, and I direct the action of that Mind through me.  My work is to let God’s action flow through me into creative and valuable results.  This takes the burden of hard work off my shoulders, and I accomplish all things with ease. Continue reading “Aug. 16, 2016”

Aug. 15, 2016


Aug 15 2015All of God is available to every person.  Nothing is ever withheld from a sincere seeker of Truth.  The Infinite Mind releases all of Its Ideas to every receptive consciousness.  I now receive ideas direct from God, and I assimilate them and express them.  These ideas are perfect and complete, revealing to me all that I need to know for this day.  My way is now easy, for I know what to do at every instant, and order does prevail.  I am inspired by God to do right and to live abundantly.  No more doubt, no more questioning.  I know exactly the way to go, the thought to think, and the love to express. Continue reading “Aug. 15, 2016”

Aug. 14, 2016


Aug 14 2015All that is good is available to man.  God never limits Himself and God never limits man.  Man is consciousness in the One Mind, and all Ideas are given unto him.  I now choose to live with wisdom today, by selecting only true ideas to function in my mind.  No one governs my thinking but myself.  No one forces me to worry, or forces me to have faith.  Either of these is mine as I select.  I chose faith, for I know that I am maintained by the Power of the universe.  I have full confidence that my life is rich in goodness, and prospered by love.  My faith in God keeps my mind positive. Continue reading “Aug. 14, 2016”