Winter/Spring Class Registration 2017

Sundays at 11am

Discover the Power Within You (12 Weeks)

Based on Eric Butterworth’s groundbreaking book, Discover the Power Within You, this course is a spiritual study of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Like Jesus, we can all discover, accept, and release the same power of the Divinity that Jesus taught us dwells within. Jesus described this Divinity as the Kingdom of Heavens within. Beginning with the eternal quest of who and what you are, this course will illuminate your own spiritual being and lead you to achieve greater peace and prosperity.

Teacher: Rev. Sherri James

Text: Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth

3 credits in Masters Certificate Program (required)

Sundays at 3pm

Bible 3: Metaphysical Bible Study – Old Testament Part 1 (12 Weeks)

Learn the tools and techniques to find the deeper meaning in the scripture in this hands-on metaphysical Bible study course. We will cover powerful stories in the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures).

Teacher: Rev. Sheree Thompson

Texts: Let There Be Light by Elizabeth Sand Turner

3 credits in Masters Certificate Program (required)

Journey to Truth Workshops – Basic Truth Principles 1 (12 Weekly Workshops)

These powerful weekly workshops center on expanding our understanding of God, Jesus and ourselves and what it means to be a New Thought Christian. These workshops are perfect for everyone, including visitors, new members and anyone needing a spiritual re-charge.

Teacher: Angela Jones

Text: New Thought Christian by William A. Warch and Alternatives by William L. Fischer

3 credits in Masters Certificate Program if you take all 12 (required)