Welcome to 21 Days of Courage – Big BOLD Moves!
Your week 2 Daily Challenges

Print out your Week 2 Daily Challenges and post it by your bathroom mirror or somewhere you will often at the start of your day.

Your week 2 Courage Journal

Print out your Courage Journal and use it throughout the week for your daily challenges.  I recommend that you use this Courage Journal even if you are planning to use your own personal journal. It will give you a snapshot of your daily progress that will be helpful as the challenges progress.

Week 2 Lesson Sermon

This is the Week 2 message recorded live at UP Church on September 4, 2016.  I broke it up into 4 pieces.

Part 1: Introduction & Recap

Part 2: The Healing Formula in John 5:2-9

Part 3: Decide, Determine, Resolve, Decree

Part 4: Be It Resolved

Your thoughts?