Module 1 Syllabus and Starting Documents
Unit 1 REVISED - Syllabus and Starting Documents
Unit 2 Syllabus and Starting Documents
Module 2 Fillmorean Theology - Session 1
Unit 1 Session 1: Epistemology Assignment
Module 3 Fillmorean Theology - Session 2
Unit 1 Session II: Metaphysical Theology
Module 4 Fillmorean Theology - Session 3
Unit 1 Session III: Metaphysical Christology
Module 5 Fillmorean Theology - Session 4
Unit 1 Session IV: Pneumatology
Module 6 Fillmorean Theology - Session 5
Unit 1 Session V: Cosmology

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This class is for students in the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary’s Teacher Training Academy.
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