The Journey to Truth series is a fun, interactive learning experience that will provide spiritual food for both the new or seasoned student.  In each workshop, we work with a new topic from our Basic Truth Principles series that provides greater insight into the presence of God, the powerful teachings of Jesus, and the Christ within you that is ready to be released in the form of your deepest desires.

These workshops center on the tools for spiritual mastery: what they are and how to use them.  We learn practical techniques for changing your life.

The text for this series is Lessons In Truth by Dr. H. Emilie Cady. It is highly recommended that you purchase a copy of the book. For your convenience, you can also access the text online.

In order to receive credit for the course in the Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary's Masters Certificate Program, all assignments must be submitted.

Facilitated by Rev. Sheree Thompson -

Module 1 Chapters 1-3
Unit 1 Lessons In Truth 1 - Break the Bonds That Tie You Down!
Unit 2 Lessons In Truth 2 - Who Are You? Who is God?
Unit 3 Lessons In Truth 3 - Your Mind At Work
Module 2 Chapters 4-6
Unit 1 Lessons in Truth 4 - CTRL+ALT+DEL: How to Reboot Your Life
Unit 2 Lessons In Truth 5 - Your New Operating System
Unit 3 Lesson in Truth 6 - From Hope to Faith
Unit 4 Lesson 6 - Class deck
Module 3 Chapters 7-9
Unit 1 Lessons in Truth 7 - Staying Focused in the Midst of Change
Unit 2 Lessons in Truth 8 – Spiritual Understanding
Unit 3 Lesson In Truth 9 - The Secret Place of the Most High
Module 4 Chapter 10-12
Unit 1 Lesson In Truth 10 - You Are Gifted
Unit 2 Lesson In Truth 11 – One With the One
Unit 3 Lessons In Truth 12 - Set Yourself Free