nov-12-2015My knowledge that the great I Am is ever available gives me an increasing capacity to draw upon It and to become inwardly aware of the presence of Spirit.  Through the quiet contemplation of the Omniaction of Spirit, I learn to look quietly and calmly upon every false condition, seeing through it to the other side of the invisible Reality which molds conditions and re-creates all of my affairs after a more nearly Divine pattern. With a penetrating spiritual vision I dissipate any obstruction, remove all obstacles, dissolve all wrong conditions.  Standing still I watch the sure salvation of the Law.

Today I see peace instead of confusion.  I entertain faith instead of doubt.  I feel the impact of an all-enveloping Presence.  I know that there is a power of good operating in human affairs.

I now claim health instead of misery.  In such degree as I gain mastery over the sense of negation, whether it be pain or poverty, I am proving the Law of Good.  Every thought of fear or limitation is removed from my consciousness.  I know that my word transmutes every energy into constructive action, producing health, harmony, happiness and success.  I know there is something at the center of my being which is absolutely certain of itself. It has complete assurance and it gives me complete assurance that all is well.  I maintain my position as a Divine Being, here and now.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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