Welcome to 21 Days of Courage – Big BOLD Moves!

Here is all you need to get started on this powerful challenge.

Your week 1 Daily Challenges

Print this out and post it by your bathroom mirror or somewhere you will see in the morning. COURAGE CHALLENGE WK 1 final.pdf

Your week 1 Courage Journal

Print out your Courage Journal and use it throughout the week for your daily challenges.  I recommend that you use this Courage Journal even if you are planning to use your own personal journal. It will give you a snapshot of your daily progress that will be helpful as the challenges progress.

The First Sermon

This is the kick off message recorded live at UP Church on August 28, 2016.  I broke it up into 4 pieces.  If you are in a rush, listen to the 3rd recording.

Kick off Lesson Sermon – Week 1: Introduction (1 of 4)

Kick off Lesson Sermon – Week 1: The Message (2 of 4)

Kick off Lesson Sermon – Week 1: Review of First 7 Challenges (3 of 4)

Kick off Lesson Sermon – Week 1: Look UP, Get UP, GO! (4 of 4)

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