August 10, 2022 – I AM VICTORIOUS


Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Matthew 7:16

I have faith that God, the Good, is all there really is.  Always, I am supported by the action of Good, the action of God.  Problems are merely the acknowledgment of the power of evil.  I now refuse to believe that any situation can confuse me, make me sick, or limit me.  Either I live in God, or I live in nothing but material belief.  I now choose to live in God, and immediately I renounce every thought of negation.  I assume victory over my world, my body and my finances.  God in the midst of me is victorious over the doubts of my mind.  Joyous accomplishment saturates my life, and victory is mine now.

I let Divine Ideas work in me, for I know they are powerful and quick to accomplish their ends.  They arrive in my consciousness equipped to demonstrate themselves, and I give them my loving attention.  God’s Ideas functioning within me are my only source of power, health and peace. These alone make my life victorious and undaunted.  I meet every hour of this day with a deep inner conviction that I am spiritually able to handle every situation with poise.  Order prevails; love is in control; and peace is the result.

I face all problems with inspiration and an expectancy of handling them with ease.  I know that from a center within me, I control the events around me.  I am calm and victorious at the center, and therefore my world is calm and victorious at the circumference.  Christ is me is my hope of glorious achievement, and around me all things work together for good.  Inspired by Divine Mind, I act with wisdom in all matters.  Enfolded in Divine love, I handle all personalities with love and understanding.  Undaunted by things and people, I am always in control of my life, and victory is forever mine.  Today is the day of Spiritual Victory.  

August 09, 2022 – I CONTROL MY THOUGHT



Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity.

Habakkuk 1:13

Free will does not mean that wrong thinking is justifiable.  Infinite Mind created man a free soul in order that man might experiment with varying combinations of right ideas.  I am free to think in all possible ways about the good, the true and the perfect.  There are endless possibilities of right thinking and of right action.  I now assume dominion of my mind and emotions, and dedicate them to positive goals.  I enjoy the infinite variety of Divine ideas, and I contemplate their possibilities of making me a new creature expressing spiritual discernment.

My faith in God is so great that I have no faith in evil.  I cannot conceive of evil’s power, for I know that God alone is power and is presence.  Life to me is an affirmative action of thought.  I think affirmatively this day, knowing that good is created, maintained and extended by so doing.  I drink of the living water of spiritual Truth, and am never thirsty for error again.  I eat of the heavenly manna of God’s Ideas, and never again hunger for old experiences.  I look forward with my mind and create good ahead of me.  I do this deliberately, for my future will be the result of my thinking today.

God’s thoughts are now my thoughts, and good appears instantly wherever I look. Thinking rightly of God and of man is a joyous and easy accomplishment.  My mind is centered in heaven and good is established in my earth.  Ideas of good appear in my consciousness continuously, and I give them free action through me.  I am in full control of my own destiny, and I now create good alone.  Recognizing only the one true Source of my thinking, I experience only the one possible effect in my experience – the effect of good.  Controlled, poised and sure, I see God everywhere as I think His thoughts with Him.  

August 08, 2022 – MY FAITH IN GOD IS GREAT



Even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.

Psalm 90:2

The Mind which conceived me is with me.  The Power which has brought me this far attends me all the way.  Heaven is where I am and Love fills my environment.  All power is in action through me and I accomplish my good works with ease.  I am as certain of these truths as I am of life itself.  There is no doubt or questions in my mind.  I know a perfect God, a complete Mind and a definite Law.  I do not go to It, for I am already in It.  I do not seek It, for I already have all that God is and can ever be.

Having accepted this full understanding of Truth, I now live in such a way that I prove my faith.  I dedicate my thought to true and positive ideas.  I dedicate my feelings to Divine Love and Divine Understanding.  I let my human ego become as nothing, for I desire that only the Christ Ideas govern my life.  I rise steadfastly out of all pettiness in human relationships.  I live as a Spiritual Being, and I acknowledge all with whom I live, play and work as Sons of God.  I face the future with joy, for I see idea after idea unfolding in perfect order.  The future will be good, and I now have health, peace of mind, and security.

My universe is alive with good, and I have dismissed evil forevermore.  I know that I am upheld, and maintained by God, and by God alone.  I know that my thought demonstrates instantly the desires of my heart.  I have faith in all that is good and true.  I have faith in a protecting Presence and an indwelling Power.  Today, I rejoice and am glad. 

July 04, 2022 – I AM LOVE 

JULY 4     


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear … for God is love.  I John 4: 18, 16

There is no fear in love and there is no liberation from fear without love.  Fear is based on the supposition that we are unprotected, rejected, and friendless.  If the fearful mind would entertain love and the harmony and peace that go with it, it must turn from everything that denies this love, and trusting in Divine Guidance, open its being to the influx of love, not just love of God but love of everything, for love is all-inclusive.

“I will fear no evil for thou art with me.”  Today Divine love and infinite tenderness sustain me. In order that I shall not separate myself from this love, I endeavor to see it reflected in everyone and everything.  I shall permit only that which is loving, kind and true to find entrance or exit through my consciousness.  Thus I shall be assured that I am bathed in the warm glow of that Love which casteth out all fear.

Becoming conscious of myself as I really exist in the Mind of God, I shall find that I am walking in pathways of peace; that something within me like a magnet attracts that which belongs to itself.  This something is Love, the supreme impulsion of the universe.  I know that I have no existence apart from this Love.  As I grow in the knowledge that I am one with the Spirit, I know that I shall grow in the ability to use the Love within me.

July 03, 2022 – I AM PEACE



Peace be both to thee, and peace be to thine house, and peace be unto all that thou hast.  Samuel 25:6

Phillips Brooks said that “peace is the entire harmony between the nature of anything and its circumference.”  “House” is a symbol of the physical body and of “that house not made with hands eternal in the heavens.”  House is a symbol of any of the “vehicles, bodies or habitations of the soul” on any or all planes.  The Bible speaks of the House of Bondage and the House of Freedom.  Symbolically, it tells us that we must come “out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage’; that we must be led by the Divine Spirit into that true home which is heaven.  Jesus said that ‘in My Father’s house there are many mansions.”

Today I permit my mental house to be at peace.  I know that my true home is heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  Today I enter into this permanent home.  I consciously move in and make my dwelling place in this House of Peace and Gladness.

The perfect Life of God now expresses through me.  As the sun dissolves the mist, so my knowledge of truth dissolves all pain and discord.  There is nothing for me to fear.  God is my life, my strength; I claim my true sonship.  I claim my divine inheritance of perfect life.  Today I am made perfect through conscious union with the Source of all life.  I have peace in the Household of the Lord. 

July 02, 2022 – I EXPRESS DIVINITY



We all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory … by the Spirit of the Lord.  II Corinthians 3:18

Beholding the image of perfection in everything, dominion is added to glory.  This refers to the continual progression of the soul.  Since God is infinite, our expansion is progression and eternal.  No matter how much good we experience today, the Infinite has more in store for us tomorrow.  We should look forward to this expansion with enthusiastic anticipation.  The march of life is not a funeral dirge, but a song of triumph.

Grateful for each success and each new advancement, I advance to new and greater revelations of truth.  Knowing that the Spirit within me is free, I am no longer bound by the patterns of yesterday.  Freedom is made manifest through my thoughts, in my words and actions.

The good that I experience yesterday is going to be multiplied today.  I cast this good upon every wind of heaven, knowing that it goes out to bless.  I condition my mind to accept greater good for myself and others.  I wait calmly, but with joy, for new experiences to come to me, for new opportunities for service.  I expect my mind to be flooded with new ideas.  I know that the Spirit of the Lord is with me and that glory of the Lord is around me.

July 01, 2022 – I AM ONE WITH ALL PEOPLE

JULY 1   


Have we not all one Father?  Hath not one God created us?  Malachi 2:10

Arthur Compton, in The Freedom of Man, tells us that science has discovered nothing which contradicts the idea of a Universal Mind or Spirit to which men are as Its, or His, children.  It would be impossible to converse with each other unless there were a common medium, or, as Emerson said, “one mind common to all individual men.”  It is impossible to depart from this Divine Presence, to be separated from this heavenly Father, which is the Parent Mind.  Since God is everywhere, wherever we are God is.

Today I know that there is one Spirit in everyone I meet.  Realizing that there is one Heavenly Father, I know that there is a brotherhood of humanity.  There are no aliens, no strangers.  The Divine Image in me cannot be separated from the Divine Image in others.  I see God in everyone I meet. The Spirit that is within me responds to the Spirit within them, for we have one Father.

I neither condemn nor make excuses for another’s seeming shortcomings. I endeavor to help him to know that God at the center of his being reveals to him his perfect Being.  In the Kingdom of God within him no false beliefs exist.  No self-frustration nor inner conflict can exist in Heaven within him.  When I can really see God in the person who is in great need, I prove my consciousness of oneness. I am one with the Spirit in all people.


JUNE 30   


“For all things proceed out this same spirit, which is differently named love, justice, temperance, in its different applications, just as the ocean receives different names on the several shores which it washes.”  Emerson

God must act by means of me, for otherwise I have no purpose in life. I am; therefore that which caused me to be, must have a reason for my being.  I have confidence that the Infinite Mind knew what It was doing as It released me into the world.  I have a divine purpose and a spiritual reason for being.  I am not an accident of fate, nor a victim of inheritance.  I am a living soul equipped to display the attributes of God in my world.  I have within me the potentials of greatness, yes, the glory of God as he acts through man.  To me is given the Mind, Life and Love of God, and I accept my role in the Divine Plan.

I live, because God is life.  I love, for within me is a Love greater than I have ever known.  I am kind to others, because God in me knows their love, their integrity and their hopes.  I have at the center of my being all the Mind of Truth. His Ideas are mine, and His Ways are my paths of peace.  I know the real meaning of spiritual justice.  I judge no man by his outer actions.  I judge only righteous judgment.  God is man in his own real self, and though his outer actions may camouflage this, it still remains true.  I behold the Truth in every person.  I see God in every face.

To live in the Presence is to live always in balance.  I have true temperance, for I am guided by a Wisdom that always guides me rightly.  I indulge in the good, and fast from all evil.  I find my every hunger and thirst satisfied by an inner manna of the Spirit.  I live with wisdom, and allow my fellowman to do the same.  I have the spiritual intelligence to perceive the difference between temperance and intolerance.  I live and let live.  I love and let love happen.  I have faith in my concept of Truth, and respect my fellowman’s concept as well.  I live in God, and I express His love, justice and temperance.  


JUNE 29   


“Good is positive.  Evil is merely privative, not absolute; it is like cold which is the privation of heat.  All evil is so much death or nonentity.  Benevolence is absolute and real.”  Emerson

I have free will as a part of my Divine Birthright.  This great power of mind is mine to use, and the Law of Mind must fulfill my direction.  I now declare my freedom from all evil.  I refuse to be dominated by illness, fear, lack and frustration.  God never made them, and I will have nothing to do with them. God in me knows only my perfect self, and this alone I recognize, affirm and accept.  Having the power to reject the undesirable, I now declare my freedom from evil.  Never again will negatives rule my thinking.  I am the perfect creation of a perfect God, and I know it.

My body is divinely created, and divinely operated.  It is not subject to the ills of the flesh, for my flesh is spiritual substance and cannot be defiled.  No sickness can come upon me, and no medical belief can enthrall me.  I am the health of the Spirit.  I am the Life of God made manifest.  I control my thinking and disciple my emotions. My vitality is sufficient for every demand made upon it. I am never unhappy, for God in me is the joy of living.  Outer pleasure I enjoy, but my inner joy is not dependent upon it.   My real happiness is from my knowledge of God as the joy of my being.

I refuse to experience poverty, lack or financial limitation.  I live in a universe of Divine Design and it knows no lack of abundance.  Everywhere prosperity is rampant.  Money seeks me through every person, thing and situation.  His richness is mine, and I accept it.  I enjoy the money I have, and I use it with wisdom.  There is no virtue in lack, and I now dismiss it from my world.  I am the Child of a rich and abundant God.  The eternal providing Principle supports and maintains me in freedom.  I have Manna to eat which no man can see.  I have a living Water of Life to drink, and I am free of all evil. 


JUNE 28   


“These facts have always suggested to man the sublime creed that the world is not the product of manifold power, but of one will, of one mind; and that one mind is everywhere active, in each ray of the star, in each wavelet of the pool; and whatever opposes that will is everywhere balked and baffled, because things are made so, and not otherwise.”  Emerson

God dominates my whole experience.  There is so much of God everywhere in my life, that I cannot see any opposite.  My health cannot know disease and my prosperity cannot know decrease.  I am completely convinced that God is the only power. Mind is the only reality and Love is the only atmosphere.  Evil is a word without meaning.  I perceive the Truth and the Truth has set me free from all false speculations.  Within me, around me and through me there is nothing but pure Mind.  I bask in Its eternal embrace; I think in Its eternal consciousness of good.

The problem of evil no longer fascinates me, for I see it as nothing.  Negatives are merely my misunderstanding of positives.  I can see only that which is of good report.  My eyes are now too pure to behold any viciousness in creation.  God appears to me in all things, in all people and in my own uplifted thinking.  All resistance to problems is erased, because the problems are merely my opportunities to prove God as the only cause.  I accomplish with ease, where others struggle to make ends meet.

God’s Spirit in me appreciates my recognition of Itself, and out-pours upon me all of Its qualities, ideas and aspects.  All life moves to grant me the ability and the power to do what I know is right and fine and true.  The inner upsurging of Divine Intelligence and Creativeness impels me to right decisions and right actions.  There is nothing to fight; there are no battles to be won.  The victorious Truth of my being expresses as me, and dominion over all the good is mine to use.  All positives are mine.  All virtues belong to me.  All of God is revealed to me, and I demonstrate my happiness.